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Butterflies and other critters that visit our gardens regularly.

Natural Pest Control Solutions

Try Planting These ...To Help Control These ...
ChivesMany insects
GarlicAphids, Mosquito Larvae, some Caterpillars and sucking bugs
LeekCarrot Fly
MarigoldsNematodes in soil, Whitefly on tomatoes
MintAnts, Cabbage-worm Butterflies
NasturtiumsSquash Bugs
RadishesStriped Cucumber Beetle
RosemaryCarrot Fly
SageCabbage Butterfly
Some Work Better In Pairs ...To Control ...
Tomatoes and CabbageWhite Cabbage Butterfly
Tomatoes and BasilTomato Hornworms
Beans and MarigoldsMexican Bean Beetle (Spider Mite may increase)
Cucumbers and Radishes or NasturtiumsCucumber Beetle
Eggplants and CatnipFlea Beetle
Cabbage and ThymeImported Cabbageworms
Carrots and Onions or ChivesRust Flies, some Nematodes
Potatoes and HorseradishPotato Bugs
Roses and Chives or MarigoldsAphids

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