Experience our enjoyable 4 1/2 acre shady grove just off Old Highway 71.

Spend some time visiting the garden, picking fresh organic veggies, enjoying a glass or cup of tea in the Heirloom Tea Room, and have a meditative experience in our labyrinth, a healing place.

Visit the Garden

Visit our cool, shady 4 1/2 acres and tour our demonstrations beds and our organic farm. You'll come back, again and again, even if it's just to sit and enjoy nature or read a book. Let us give you an idea of how it really is out here -- it's worth the short trip, and that's no lie.

One of the first things that strikes you when you visit Bastrop Gardens Organic Nursery and Farm is the carefully crafted fit with nature. No chain link, concrete, or plywood tables, but a meandering walk through a beautiful garden covering a couple of acres. Artwork displayed here and there, Texas artists are highlighted in this delightful shady grove of native cedar elms that seems a world a way from the growling roar of nearby Highway 71 – even though it’s only a mile off that big highway.

You’ll discover native plants you’ve never seen before, flanked by a garden of natives to demonstrate how these water conserving plants can thrive in your sunny spots. As you top the hill, just past all the herbs, verbena and natives, your eye is drawn to a circular flower of a table full of natives or antique roses, depending on the season. And, you’ll discover the big butterfly and hummingbird garden with a centerpiece medicine wheel. Butterflies and hummingbirds distract the eye as you browse for plants from the many tables that are handcrafted from local sawmills.

Zebra Butterfly

Red Admiral Butterfly

Question Mark Butterfly

Queen Butterfly

All this and more make Bastrop Gardens Organic Nursery and Farm a unique visit to take you away from the work-a-day world for a breath of fragrant, fresh country air.

Pick Your Own Farm

Naturally grown, without chemicals

You can walk further and pick your own vegetables and herbs grown without chemicals. Tomatoes of many varieties, Ichiban eggplant, green beans, squash, peppers , basils – whatever’s ripe that particular day in the Spring garden. In the fall garden, you'll find delights like arugula, oak leaf and buttercrunch lettuces, bok choi, Chinese cabbage, carrots, turnips and radishes. Or we will have the veggies at the Bastrop 1832 Farmers Market on Saturdays from 10 - 2.

Please call ahead and check what’s available for the picking.

Time for Tea

Come visit our Heirloom Tea Room at Bastrop Gardens featuring select teas from the Chinese Apothecary. Our tea room features herbal teas grown and produced locally, as well as a selection of imported teas from around the globe. We are proudly offering a cup or a pot of tea to the individual seeking quiet respite to get away from it all in our beautiful outdoor tea room or surf the Web with free Wi-Fi. We can also book High Tea for groups (we have an English Chef), have dress up parties for birthdays, and special occasions. The Heirloom Tea Room features lady’s hats from the ‘30’s through the ‘60’s, costume jewelry, and antique tea services to create a very special occasion.

Must call ahead and let us prepare for your Tea experience, available anytime.

Our teas include, but are not necessarily limited to (because we're always on the lookout for something new):

Tea Time!
Tea Cup

Monkey Green Tea (our favorite)

European Rose (no caffeine)

Three Flower Tea

Egyptian Mint

Chamomile (no caffeine)

Tea Cup

Pearl of Jasmine

Earl Gray

Tropical Mint

Anne's Elderberry Mint

Linda's Fruity Mint


​with love to Bastrop County

Bastrop Garden's Labyrinth

As a garden designer and spiritual individual, I have always had an interest in open prayer and contemplation locations. I had even created Labyrinths for friends. We used Lavender for a triangular, smaller one, and native grasses for a larger.

The inspiration for the Labyrinth at Bastrop Gardens came from a different source. After the Bastrop Complex Fire of 2011, so many of our friends and customers had lost everything inside and outside. They longed for a place to begin, an idea to create green spaces again. The most common statement I heard was “All we are left with is rock”. The idea was born. My community was in pain, needed inspiration, we all needed a place to pray and meditate for direction and hope.

As a naturalist, the inspiration was born. Let Bastrop Gardens create a Labyrinth out of native stone, keeping in our permaculture teachings. Studies were begun on types of Labyrinths. It was decided to utilize two styles of Labyrinth. The best explanation is fusion. We fused the style of the traditional Cretan Labyrinth of seven circles, facilitating contemplation, with the Shepherds Hook Labyrinth of direct access. Allowing for both was important, as life gives us both kinds of moments. Those that allow us time and need for contemplation, and times when we just need help, prayer…now.

The Labyrinth is created from native rock of our area. The outer circle is beautiful water rock that is laced with crystalline matrix from years of water traveling through. The second circle is Sandstone with lichens and moss growing on them, representing Flora! The third circle is honeycomb limestone, also a stone of water movement. The Sandstone and honeycomb Limestone are repeated to create the seven circles. All of the rocks are connected with Colorado River rock.

It was so confirmed that we were doing what we were inspired to do, that a perfect Sandstone bench, properly notched, was included in our pallets of stone we were creating with!! The staff of the Shepherds Hook was created with the best kinds if rock, gifts! As a birthday present, I requested friends bring a rock as a gift. These rocks were used for the staff of the Hook!

Anytime you or anyone you know, need the benefit of a walk through a labyrinth, Bastrop Gardens offers ours for use. I find great inspiration of taking anything bothering me to the labyrinth. As I walk in, I know while I sit and express gratitude and ask for guidance, I will  also receive some clarity and leave the problem at the center of the labyrinth. As I walk out, I no longer have the distraction disrupting my day.