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Garden Center

Bastrop Gardens is a full-service garden center. We're Bloomin' Beautiful -- Come See Us!! Lots of natives, flowers galore and much, much more!! We've got what survives the Texas heat!

Savor our beautiful Texas native plants -- we have a wide selection, plus all the organic products to care for and feed your plants and lawn, featuring Rabbit Hill Farm products, Medina Fertilizers and many other brands.

Trees and shrubs, flowers, vegetables and herbs, roses, both hybrid and antique; all available at Bastrop Gardens.

We have, for our customers, seasonal fresh vegetables, herbs and flowers, and, always, annual color. 


We've got Certified USDA Organic Herbs, all those cooking herbs and some stuff you've not seen in a while! Visit us for such culinary delights as sweet basil, chives, parsley (curly and Italian), lemon thyme, lemon balm, oregano and assorted mints. Many other herbs will be freshly in stock in season.

Specializing in deer tolerant and Xeriscape gardens.

A full line of organic products, additives and solutions to garden problems and pests. Compost, garden soil, and fertilizers, both bagged and bulk, including many lines of organic products, including Rabbit Hill Farms™, Ladybug and other fine brands. Our crew heartily endorses our organic products, especially aerobic compost tea. This product can really rescue a distressed plant -- ask us how! 

Lawn Art

We have garden and patio art and statuary, pottery and gadgets. Come see our concrete art.

We now feature a line of Music of the Spheres tuned wind chimes that are delicious to the ear! These locally produced chimes are unbelievable and unearthly in their resonance.

Plant Care and Feed

We have the organic and biological controls for those pests and ills in your garden, such as aerobic compost tea, Garlic Barrier and many other organic products.​

Bastrop Gardens offers bulk organic turkey compost, garden soils and hardwood mulch in bulk on Saturdays, all day. Plus we have a large variety of bagged compost, soil and mulch products.

Compost Tea

You can't beat our aerobic compost tea to green up your garden and lawn! Only $9/gallon. At 4 tablespoons (two ounces) per gallon of water that goes a long, long way and can't be beat for fertilizing anything and everything green and growing. It's an especially effective rescue formula when plants have undergone a stressful event.


​Bastrop Gardens carries Burpee Seed for Veggies and Herbs and Burpee Heirloom Veggie and Flower seed, as well as, Native American Seed Wildflower seed blends “Deer Resistant Mix”, “Hummers & Singers Mix”, “Plant in Spring or Fall Mix”, “Butterfly Retreat Mix” and “Riparian Recovery Mix”.

Time to plant wildflowers! Try Seed Balls, a fun and easy way to spread wild flowers!

Seed Ball Ingredients

  • Sifted dry clay soil, preferably red clay and not grey or black, to remove debris such as rocks and sticks. Sifting can be done with one-quarter or one-half inch screen.
  • Sifted dry compost or humus to remove debris.
  • Seeds.

How to prepare Seed Balls

1.) To Five parts clay soil, Add One part humus and mix thoroughly;

2.) Add One part wild and/or domestic flower seeds and again mix thoroughly;

3.) Add One to Two parts water slowly, mixing to make a good dough;

4.) Roll the clay into smooth, small balls;

5.) Dry for a day (24 hours);

6.) Scatter the balls in a Sunny Spot. At this point, let nature take it’s course --- wait for rain to melt the balls and plant the seeds.

Natural Pest Control

Organic pest control products for your garden needs such as Spinosad, Organocide, Orange Oil, Garlic spray and Diatomaceous Earth.

Do you have Flea and Tick problems on your beloved pets?

Do you wish for an alternative product that will not poison your pet, yourself or the environment? Bastrop Gardens carries such alternatives, they work and are non-toxic to all that you love!

The following products are available at Bastrop Gardens:

  • FLEE FREE POWER Rosemary, Bay & sage dusting powder $ 6.00
  • FLEE FREE SPRAY Rosemary and Lemon Eucalyptus $11.00 (Spray feet, base or tail and shoulder blades)
  • MOS.QUIT.O Lavender, Rosemary, Sage, nonGMO, $10.00 Soybean oil and vitamin E.
  • SCOOT ALONG Lemon Eucalyptus essential oil, nonGMO soybean oil and vitamin E. $10.00​

All Natural Products

Green Skunk Deodorant

Green Skunk Deodorant

All Natural
NO Aluminum - or Alumi
NO Artificial Chemicals
NO Hidden Ingredients
MULTIPLE 'odor-fighting' active ingredients

Essential Oils

Essential Oils

Essential Oil Collection available at Bastrop Gardens in 1/4 oz glass bottles.



Patchouli, Sumatra








Pine Needle




Rose Arabian


Lemon Eucalyptus










Sage, Dalmatian




Sandalwood, Arabian


Lavender/Tea Tree




Lemon Grass


Tea Tree


Musk, Egyptian






Ylang Ylang


Orange Valencia



Therapeutic Massage Oil. This smooth penetrating oil with proven antiviral action has curative applications in many cases of injury and illness.

It is totally derived out of Mother Nature, containing no synthetic laboratory ingredients. It is classified as a nutrative supplement; as such there are no contraindications (side effects). It revitalizes and stimulates blood circulation, It assists in restoring injured muscles, tendons and joints. Ultracine is useful for neuralgia, arthritis, rheumatism, neuropathy, pre-melanoma, apnea, chest congestion, g-herpes, anthrax, cold and flu and other viral diseases which can be reached trough the skin.

ARG Antivirum Research Group
Bastrop, Texas USA
Telephone: 512-303-5672
Fax: 512-303-5693




Teas are made using premium quality, hand-picked organic and fair trade teas and herbs, blended with only real fruits, flowers and spices. Nothing else. We offer a range of Green, Black, White and Pu·erh teas as well as Herbal Teasans in tea bags.

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